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Tumbbad : Greed unfolding through generations

India is treasure trove for folklores and from this country comes the story of Tumbbad . The story is written by four different writers, including National Award winner Anand Gandhi and director Rahi Anil himself . The title of the film is inspired by the Marathi novel ” Tumbadche Khot ” . The story of Tumbbad is depicted in three different parts with three different generations and their attachment to the treasury .

The production of the film has taken more than six years. The main reason for this was to shoot in real locations and real environments . Even seeing the film, it cannot be guessed that this is Rahi Anil’s first film . Everything from cinematography to sound design was carefully crafted . Surely six years of hard work is seen .

The movie’s canvas uses rains like the pouring of greed that lingers and preserves itself regardless of time or generation . Cinematographer Pankaj Kumar , has done amazing work in showing this curse of the village of Tumbbad . While watching the movie , audiences will surely feel the creation of a damp space inside their thoughts due to this .

The film is based on a folklore according to which Prithvi Devi ( God of Earth ) has a womb and Hastar is the first child born from her womb , which the goddess imprisons in her womb due to Hastar’s greed . Hastar was a forgotten demon god , who was never to be worshipped . But ages after his imprisonment in the Earth, his memory was once again brought to life by a family of Konkanastha Brahmins in the village of Tumbbad and the events that unfold , forms the plot behind this movie .

But the main plot of this movie revolves around two characters : Hastar and Vinayak , a member of Konkanastha Brahmins who finds gold . By telling or portraying the story of these characters , the film makers wanted to showcase the chaos of a world  governed by greed and the rapid fall of  a  man who knows no other God larger than greed . This forms an intense drama which revolves around many contradictions in itself .

While Tumbbad’s subject , “Greed” is not a new topic to explore as several other movies have already done this . But what makes it interesting to watch is how it is presented . With its chilling undertone and mysterious representation of a village folklore , tumbbad is a hell of a ride .

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