The Fundamentals of Caring
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The Fundamentals of Caring : A Simple Story

The Fundamentals of Caring is a film directed by Rob Burnett with cast including Craig RobertsPaul Rudd and Selena Gomez playing the lead roles . The movie is based upon Jonathan Evison’s bestselling novel of nearly the same name . The film revolves around Rudd and Robert’s characters, Ben and Trevor, one of whom is a registered caregiver while the other is a teenage boy suffering from a physical disability . Paranoia and fear keep Trevor confined to that which he knows, until Ben, who has his own hidden tragedies, comes into his life and tries to add some excitement to it .

The Fundamentals of Caring is a very safe movie , if we had to argue . Safe in the sense that film lacks originality and rather sticks to tried and tested formulas from earlier movies like Intouchables . But this is not to say that the film is bad , rather it’s a very heartfelt drama from Netflix . Maybe its simplicity is what attracts audience to it even making them smile even after the movie is finished .

The film is an out and out Rudd and Roberts show . At first the comedy between them can make you a bit uncomfortable and at times unsettling but that can be attributed to the genuine performances put forth by them . But it’s a fact that after a little bit into the movie , laughs come flying fast. Selena Gomez as Dot , a hitchhiker girl , also gave a good performance with just as much as profane and dark humour . Also the movie with a descent enough screenplay throws some used up cliches and cheesy moments from time to time .

The Fundamentals of Caring is not anything new , but it’s a film that can be rewatched any number of times . With just enough comedy and drama thrown in , it would make up to an entertaining and heartwarming road movie .


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