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Kappela : A Romantic Thriller

Kappela is a Malayalam movie directed by debutant Muhammed Musthafa. The film has Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi and Roshan Mathew playing the lead roles. The movie is co-written by Musthafa along with Sudhas and Nikhil Vahid. The music of this movie is done by Sushin Shyam who previously worked on projects like Kumbalangi Nights and Virus. The Cinematography of Kappela is done by Jimshi Khalid who was the cinematographer of Anuraga Karikkin Vellam.

Jessy (Anna Ben) is the eldest of the two daughters of a modest family from the countryside of Wayanad, called Poovaranmala. The typical middle-class family finds a livelihood by farming and Jessy’s mother Mary ( Nisha Sarangh ) stitches clothes to make earnings for the family.

One day, when Jessy returns from town after collecting lining for her mothers’ work, Mary tells her to call one of her clients and confirm the measurements for a blouse. Jessy dials the wrong number which is then picked by Vishnu ( Roshan Mathew ) who is an auto-rickshaw driver from Malappuram. Vishnu calls her back over again a few times and they gradually develop a romantic relationship without seeing each other. When Jessy receives a marriage proposal from Benny ( Sudhi Koppa ), she decides to meet Vishnu and travels to Kozhikode. This forms the crux of the story behind Kappela.

The film takes a leaf out of Nolan’s 2006 hit film, The Prestige. Even though not as dramatic or intricate as “The Prestige” was, Director Mustafa sprinkles a number of clues for the audience throughout the screenplay while weaving a stressed environment in the foreground to preserve our hindsight for the narrative. Clues that eventually end up creating deceit almost regularly.

The casting crew did a wonderful job in this movie, especially casting Sreenath Bhasi and Roshan Mathews as Roy and Vishnu respectively. As there is no presumption about the kind of characters they bring on to the table. Although Anna Ben was amazing at her performance in the first half of the movie, her performance was overshadowed by the male actors towards the end even though her performance was on a par level with them.

The cinematography done by Jimshi Khalid is just beautiful. The shots including but not limited to Jessy praying in the church in the middle of nowhere is beautifully captured by the camera. The soul of city life and the inherent shyness displayed by couple in the latter part of the film was beautifully framed as well.

The message of the film could have been extrapolated a little bit more rather than just be over in a flash. This doesn’t mean that the screenplay is bad but rather it’s the clash of two messages that this movie is trying to convey. Since talking about it takes away the thrill element out of the movie, we will leave it just at that. But one can be certain that the certain innocence portrayed by Jessy through the course of the movie can also be attributed to the reflection of the audience’s innocence itself which was brilliant in my humble opinion.

Rating : 7.6 / 10


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