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Kaamyaab : A tribute to character actors

Kaamyaab is a film directed by Hardik Mehta and produced by Red Chilies Entertainment . The movie is about a veteran actor Sudheer (Sanjay Mishra) who realises during an interview that he quit acting in his 499th film . The actor who was depressed post retirement tries to act in one more movie to make the count of films reach 500 . The 500th movie which he terms as his last , to make himself believe that he has accomplished something in life and attempt a sort of revival of his soul . The incidents that form during his quest to achieve his unique goal forms the story behind Kaamyaab .

Hardik Mehta does a graceful direction in this movie , never getting in the way of his actors and just pointing us to watch how the actors bring the plot to life . The screenplay was also written by Hardik Mehta along with Radhika Anand both of whom need a special mention for this film . Piyush Puty’s cinematography is great to watch , keeping in mind that he made colours pop out of screen on the measly budget of this film .

Deepak Dobriyal and Avtar Gill put forth a commendable performance on screen with their portrayal of casting agent and character actor respectively . The scenes involving Akashdeep Arora as the assistant was particularly teary to watch , with the back and forth acting between him and Sanjay Mishra .

I have never explicitly went out of my way to watch a Sanjay Mishra movie , even though he has been acting in films for long time . But here’s the thing , he never failed to impress me in any film i watched of his . This doesn’t mean that he has not been in bad movies , which he has , but even in bad movies i never have felt bad acting coming from him . Even though he has acted in brilliant films such as Ankhon Dekhi , Masaan , Dum Laga Ke Haisha etc , i feel Kaamyaab is his best work yet . It was out and out , his show !

One place where the film falters is in its editing . The story could have been cut a little bit more and packed tightly in post production . Also Isha Talwar even though performed good during active scenes , felt a tad bit emotionless during silences where the director places her in spotlight .

In the end being an art house film , this movie is not for all . If you are a person who likes commercial films more , stay out of this one . But if you just want to watch a story being told realistically this movie is for you . After watching this movie on Netflix , i ended up regretting for not able to watch this movie in theatres . I hope considering the current state of Hindi film industry right now such relatable films will find a place among audiences in future .

Rating : 7.2 / 10

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