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Fury : An outdated yet relevant film

Fury (1936) is a film directed by Fritz Lang which tells a story about an innocent man played by Spencer Tracy acting out to take revenge after he was wrongly accused and lynched by a frenzied mob .

The film that began with a fable like tale between two couples , towards the end goes berserk with harrowing world view that fritz lang movies are known for. How this movie turns from romantic melodrama to pulse pounding suspense film to cold-blooded revenge thriller is a key in itself to understanding this film . But the sad downside to this is , the film for most of its running minutes feels like a drag due to these dramatic affects . But Fury never takes a step back in presenting a problem existing in society , some of which are relevant even today .

Justice enacted in the grips of passion and fury is nothing but murder .

The whole plot of fury hinges on two things chance and coincidence . The whole interpretation of justice in the film depends on these two factors . Also fritz through this movie shows the innate act of lynching , showing how it happens to regular people and how the community as a whole react to it . The instances from the film include the responsible businessmen agreeing that it was a “Community, not an Individual thing” and the women quoting the minister: “Some things are better forgiven and forgotten.”

Although the film is playing out a basic storyline of revenge taken by an innocent man , to the wrongs that had been done to him , it is not about revenge itself . It’s a statement that it’s human nature to act wrongly in the name of revenge just like it’s human nature to act wrongly in the name of “justice” . The director made this clear through parallel storyline of both the mob and innocent man . And clearly this is the success of this film where the audience is left with questioning whether their innate emotional nature will overwhelm the intellectual side that says “Justice is mine to take” .

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