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Aamis / Ravening : Speechless

When Sumon played by Arghadeep Baruah introduces himself as anthropology student , I never suspected the film would turn into one of its anthropology studies . To those who don’t know what Anthropology is , it’s the study of humans, human behaviour and societies in the past and present . And “Aamis” , also known as “Ravening” is a study of human behaviour . A study of how two unlikely couple engages in “platonic love” , how their love was supported yet frowned upon by the people around them , how this love of theirs take them to unlikely of places mentally and how we as audience react to it . It is a film best viewed without knowing anything about it .

It sometimes bothers me that our art aspires to portray humans as lofty, noble beings who want to do good, which is then used to justify the excesses they commit against nature and against each other. We have to deflate the Ego of Man, as it were. And displaying the depths to which humans can plunge is a good way to achieve that, isn’t it?

Bhaskar Hazarika

In Aamis , director Bhaskar Hazarika tries his hand at macabre romance or dark romanticism (if you are into literature) , a very rarely used genre in Indian cinema . Its a type of cinema which is mostly influenced by directors such as Oshima Nagisa and Wong Kar-wai to some extent . But those who have seen the french movie Raw” will realise how tonally both movies are similar to each other.

A scene from Aamis / Ravening

Love is the central pillar holding up the experience of being human. Yet, whom you can love is limited by bewildering range of boundaries — class, caste, religion, age, nationality and gender

Bhaskar Hazarika

The film also employs a technique called bait and switch , where the director baits audience and make them believe that film is going in a particular direction and switches the content upon them . The best example of this technique can be found in Todd Philips : Joker (2019) . In the first half of Aamis the director Bhaskar Hazarika baits the audience into thinking that the film is about questioning societal taboos , mildly though the running time of the movie , he begins to question the limit of love or to frame question better – “To what extent can love allowed to be weird?” . And in the last half of the film , it delves into a much darker and gritty style of tone.

The film is incredibly nuanced in its execution and with the macabre style will largely polarise opinions among its viewers . But if you want a different cinematic experience , I highly suggest you watch this film .

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